2 December 2017

Indigo Sutra Conference

Making new friends at the Indigo Sutra Conference in Calcutta/Kolkata West Bengal

Amrita Mukerji far left, she started Sutra Textile Studies.
Everyone dressed in their indigos and natural dyes!
With Kathy Hattori of Botanical Colors, Seattle
The watery beauty of nature in Shantiniketan, West Bengal

29 November 2017

Indigo Sutra Conference

More images from the Indigo Sutra Conference in Calcutta/Kolkata West Bengal
This tiny moth joined our dyeing workshop
Indigo Textiles from Africa in the exhibition
Exhibition, Indigo Sutra

Extremely fine bandhej tie dye work
Exhibition, Indigo Sutra

A traditional gown from Yemen, in deep, polished indigo cotton.
Exhibition, Indigo Sutra
Installation rooms of indigo dyed fabrics
Exhibition, Indigo Sutra
Indigo botanical specimen collected over 200 years ago.
The Indian Botanical Garden, Herbarium section.
Exhibition, Indigo Sutra
Indigo botanical painting made over 200 years ago.
The Indian Botanical Garden, Herbarium section.


28 November 2017

Indigo Sutra Conference

Back in India!

I am back in Jaipur, working on new block print designs.

In November, I attended a conference on INDIGO in Calcutta. It was organized by Sutra
What a wonderful Indigo Tribal Clan meeting! There were speakers, specialists and textile artisans from all over the world. There was also a terrific Indigo Exhibition, curated by Simon Marks.
Hands-on workshops, and a gathering of pan-Indian natural dye textile producers running a bustling shopping bazaar. The fabrics were beyond amazing.
I bought many one-of-a-kind handmade scarves to bring back for Spring 2018 Sister Bazaar, the finest handmade blues anywhere. More on the new stock later..
I want to share some pictures from the Indigo Sutra event.
Before the conference, I went on a three-day excursion around a region of Bengal that specializes in hand weaving and dyeing.
Self, overjoyed to be immersed in blue on the Indigo Trail
An indigo vat must be carefully tended every day
A block of natural botanic source indigo

First dipped yarn. Indigo colour is best dipped 2 to 9 times to achieve a deep blue dye

Yarn after more dips. 
Blue Gold.
Fragments of 200 year old indigo cake. It had the luminosity of sapphire!

5 June 2017

Save the Date!
Styles you know and love, discontinued and samples, LOTS!
Aberdeen Pavilion, Lansdowne Park
10:00 till 3:00 (one day only)
 http://www.613flea.ca   link for more info

PLEASE NOTE   Cash only, no change facilities, ATM's onsite and nearby, underground parking. No previews...we are fair to all, we open at 10:00 sharp!
Looking forward to seeing you, and please invite your friends

HANDMADE FASHION     Hand block printed - pure soft cotton - Made in India 
INTRODUCING NEW Botanically-sourced colourways. Sepia Ink, Madder Red and the much-loved Indigo Blue  

only one available!

5 May 2017


10 April 2017

Spring styles are on the way!

Find out where you can purchase Andrée's SS/17 clothing line, coming to exclusive fashion retailers in Ottawa, Gatineau and Toronto.  Watch this space for launch details.

Hand blockprinted by Rajasthan's skilled printers and dyers.
There will be Indigo Blues, and 
NEW Madders Reds and Sepia Blacks.
In the soft cotton, layering styles you know and love, with some new additions.

Mekha modeling one of my new styles, Gypsy Top in indigo
In February I presented a talk for Rajasthan Heritage week to students of three Jaipur area Design Colleges
The topic was "Nuts and Bolts, how to organize your work area, and design sourcing" for emerging textile designers.
Sepia Blacks, a rich colour made with iron oxides and raw sugar.
I have created new blocks to print sample meterage for next season
All smiles at Soma Blockprints as just-printed fabrics come to the factory for cutting and stitching
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

7 September 2016

Preview of a few styles coming to Ottawa and Toronto 
for our Spring 2017 Collection. New blockprint patterns are on the drawing board!
Liza Top in Sepia Ink colourway
Bias Top Short Sleeve with Sarah Skirt in Madder Red colourway
Long Overblouse in Indigo Blue
Swing Top in Sepia Ink with Sarah Skirt           
Swing Top and Sultana Pleated Pants in solid black

20 June 2016

To all who came out to our Toronto and Ottawa sale events
It is always great to meet you again
have a 
in your new summer clothes!
Pouliot Sisters at Any Direct Flight Pop-up sale in Toronto
Sarah was our guest of honour at the Ottawa Trunk Sale

7 June 2016

contact us at - sisterbazaar@gmail.com